Raise the Bar Academy

Raise the Bar Academy is intended for waiters, bartenders and baristas with at least one year of experience in the hospitality sector and tourism, who would be given the opportunity to attend free extra-curricular classes in a modern Coca-Cola educational center.

The theoretical classes will be carried out at the educational center in the administration building of Coca-Cola HBC Croatia in Zagreb, while the practical classes will be carried out in restaurants and bars throughout Croatia. The center is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and the necessary tools and ingredients for the execution of classes and work under simulated real conditions.

The educational program is carried out pursuant to the curriculum drafted in cooperation with the one of the world’s leading schools for bartenders. Candidates who complete the program will receive a certificate issued by Coca-Cola HBC Croatia.


is the head of the Raise the Bar Academy and a bartender with years of experience.

He started his career as a barista at the 42 Coffee Co. bar, but soon continued to perfect his barista and bartender skills at the Dežman bar. As a bar consultant, he worked at Jägerhorn Hotel in Zagreb and the One Suite Hotel in Dubrovnik. He is most renowned as the head bartender of the former Aperitivo bar. His immense love for cocktails and years of experience in the hospitality sector encouraged Kruno to initiate the Croatian Modern Classic competition, which connects nineteen bars in Croatia and more than thirty top bartenders in the country. He continues to work on projects that popularize the cocktail scene and established Wunder Bar, a bar consulting agency dedicated to increasing the number of exquisite bartenders and bars in Croatia. Kruno attends the Faculty of Economics at the University of Zagreb.

Raise the Bar Academy lecture and co-ownerof the Peaches & Cream Bar in Zagreb

Dominika Bečvardija is the head lecturer at the Raise the Bar Academy, one of the co-owners of the well-known and beloved Zagreb bar Peaches & Cream, a brand ambassador for Brown Forman, and the recipient of the Bartender’s Choice 2022 Raise the Bar Award. Dominik has been involved in the bartending profession for many years, and his truly rich portfolio includes places like Dubravkin put, Barbieri’s, and Glow Bar.

owner of the restaurant SOI Fusion

Hospitality professional, founder of Cocktail Week Zagreb, and one of the most successful restaurants in Zagreb, the restaurant SOI Fusion

Certified sommelier

He is a multiple participant in the Croatian Sommelier Championship, and in 2022, his skills and knowledge placed him among the top eight sommeliers in Croatia. As the head sommelier of Noel, guests of this first Zagreb restaurant with a Michelin star are offered unique experiences of perfect food and beverage pairings.

Senior Beverage expert at Monin Beverage

Mišel has been working in the hospitality industry for more than 12 years. He comes with extensive experience from the best Italian school for bartenders. He also has acquired experience in bars, clubs and restaurants in Italy and Croatia, where he worked as bartender and bar manager. Today he is part of the Monin global team as a Senior Beverage expert.

is the director and owner of the Zmajska brewery founded in 2014.

He is one of the pioneers of craft beer in Croatia and the founder and main administrator of the web profile pivarstvo.info, which was started in 2007. He organizes numerous domestic and international competitions for craft breweries and is a regular judge at international competitions. Before becoming an entrepreneur, for seven years he worked as a developer at Interactive d.o.o. and for three years he was acquiring experience in the production of composites and special parts for racing cars and aircraft. Andrej attended the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology and the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology in Zagreb. Years of experience in home brewing encouraged Andrej to establish Zmajska pivovara, the first craft brewery in Croatia, with the desire to offer innovative and different beers and to set new benchmarks in the market. The confirmation that Andrej Čapka and his team are on the right road came in the very first year of business – Zmajska pivovara became one of the top ten newly opened breweries in the world in 2015.

is Costa Coffee Brand Ambassador.

He started his career as a waiter during his studies, finding himself behind the espresso machine by the action of “force majeure”. After shortly reflecting on whether to pursue a career in the hospitality industry, he decided to enroll into educational modules at Cogito Coffee where his views on coffee changed and the door to a new world opened.
He worked as the head barista in “Garden Bar” in Zaprešić, where he further strengthened his knowledge and skills. Thanks to his mentors, his knowledge grew resulting in numerous awards at competitions and eventually SCA diplomas. He also spent some time volunteering and helping his mentor Karel Purić (Four Wheel Coffee Roasters) in his roaster to further expand his knowledge and fully enter the world of coffee.

The first generation of the Raise the Bar Academy (2019)

The second generation of the Raise the Bar Academy (2020)