The Raise the Bar Conference is an annual event for professionals from the HoReCa sector at which they have the opportunity to learn about latest trends in hospitality, gastronomy and tourism and to network. 

The conference resulted from the HoReCa conferences which Coca-Cola HBC Croatia organized for several years and which quickly became one of the most significant events in the HoReCa sector with the aim of highlighting the importance of knowledge development and service quality. 

The objective of the conference is to acquaint the audience with research results and consumer trends, to provide an overview of the current situation in domestic and foreign markets and to share the success stories of local and foreign guest speakers.

Raise the Bar Conference 2021

More information about the Raise the Bar Conference 2021 will be available soon.

Raise the Bar Conference 2020

Given the extraordinary epidemiological situation caused by COVID-19 in 2020, the Raise the Bar Conference was organized virtually for more than 200 customers from the three markets Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia.

At the conference, the General Manager of Coca-Cola HBC Croatia Ruža Tomić Fontana presented a brief overview of the situation on the markets in the new reality. Guest speaker Moe Aljaff showed conference attendants through his inspiring story how he managed to maintain business while also growing in the “new reality”, while Premium Spirits, Coffee and Horeca Manager Filip Verbanac gave guests a brief overview of the Raise the Bar project and announced the arrival of the new product Costa Coffee on the Croatian and Slovenian markets.