Four reasons to sign up for the free Raise the Bar Academy today

21. January 2021.

Almost two years ago, Coca-Cola HBC Croatia launched its social responsibility project Raise the Bar aimed at raising the training quality of the workforce in the tourism and hospitality industry. The project consists of three project modules that address the issue in a comprehensive manner. Through the Raise the Bar Scholarships module gastronomy talents have the opportunity to develop their skills at one of the world’s best confectionery, culinary or restaurant schools. The second module is about cooperation with high schools, i.e. regional competence centers in tourism and hospitality, and through the Raise the Bar Academy in its own modern training center top lecturers use modern techniques to pass on their know-how to waiters, bartenders and baristas and to familiarize them with the latest trends in hospitality.

If you work in hospitality and are motivated to further strengthen your knowledge and to acquire skills that will set you apart from others, here are four reasons why you should apply to the Raise the Bar Academy.

1.        Upon successful completion of the program, participants receive a certificate from Coca-Cola HBC Croatia and the European Bartender School

The training program is carried out according to curricula developed in cooperation with the world’s leading school for bartenders, the European Bartender School. The European Bartender School is the most relevant global bartender school with more than 20 years of experience and 28 locations worldwide. Upon successful completion of the program, participants who passed the theoretical and practical parts receive a certificate issued by Coca-Cola HBC Croatia in cooperation with the European Bartender School. As opposed to the European Bartender School, attending the Raise the Bar Academy is free of chargefor attendants, while the program itself is more extensive and covers more areas.

2.        Top lecturers teaching at the academy
In order to convey the necessary knowledge to participants in a quality manner while enriching it with practical experience and a modern approach, Raise the Bar has brought together a team of top experts. The head of the Raise the Bar Academy, the main lecturer and bartender with many years of experience is Kruno Rozić, Brand Ambassador for Premium Spirits at Coca-Cola HBC for Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Slovenia. Kruno has also completed a teacher training course at the European Bartender School and acquired his know-how and practical experience at relevant bars in Zagreb. Apart from Kruno, Marko Pećnik, who also works at Coca-Cola HBC as a Brand Ambassador for Premium Spirits, will also pass on his spirits and cocktails knowledge to participants.

Apart from them, Andrej Čapka, founder and owner of Zmajska pivovara, Ivan Jug, co-owner of the Michelin restaurant Noel and sommelier champion of Croatia, Andrea Klemenčić, hotel manager for gastronomy and restaurants, and Tomislav Košutić, barista and brand manager for Costa Coffee, also teach at the academy for the program to be fully comprehensive.

3.        The program is comprehensive and apart from strong theoretical knowledge, it offers an even stronger practical experience
The Raise the Bar Academy program has a duration of a total of 12 weeks, of which the theoretical part takes up eight weeks and the practical part, which takes place in bars, four weeks. The theoretical part is further divided and includes four weeks of “pure theory”, which covers, among other things, bar management, knowledge of bar equipment, the history, classifications and tasting of premium spirits, liqueurs, beer, wine and coffee, knowledge of recipes of 88 classic cocktails and modern classics and a practical part of the course which includes the simulation of actual bar conditions, working at bar stations, cocktail-making and the like. The successful completion of the theoretical part will be followed by a practical training in bars with mentors. Certification requires mandatory attendance at 90% of lectures, you must pass the theoretical exam, the recipe exam, the bar exam, the bar management exam and ultimately obtain a positive mentor opinion for the practical part of the program.

4.        It’s an excellent opportunity for networking and expanding your network of contacts
Apart from expanding your theoretical and practical knowledge, attending the Raise the Bar Academy is an excellent opportunity to expand your network and establish collaborations. Connecting with other participants facilitates the exchange of experiences and meeting top experts from the practical world can potentially open new doors.

Applications to Raise the Bar are open until the end of the month. To apply, you must be at least 18 years old, have at least one year of work experience in hospitality and you must complete the form on the project’s website. More information about the project can also be found on the project’s official website and its FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn pages.

Apply now and help raise the bar in Croatia’s hospitality sector.