The third generation of top bartenders, waiters and baristas graduated from the Raise the Bar Academy

14. May 2021.

The third generation of Raise the Bar Academy students has successfully completed their education! The participants only have four weeks of internship left in one of Croatia’s restaurants, so that they can crown the end of their education with a certificate issued by Coca-Cola HBC Croatia in cooperation with one of the most relevant schools for bartenders – European Bartender School.

The curriculum of the academy was developed with the European Bartender School and consists of eight weeks of theoretical classes and four weeks of practice. The theoretical part takes place in the administrative building of Coca-Cola HBC Croatia, in a modernly equipped training center, and consists of “pure” theory and a practical part. The theory, among other things, includes a comprehensive overview of markets and trends, training on the history, classification and production of all categories of alcoholic beverages, beer, wine and coffee, knowledge of recipes 88 classic cocktails and much more, while in the practical part participants have the opportunity to taste all categories of strong alcoholic beverages, beer, wine and coffee, work on making their own ingredients for cocktails and demonstrate and improve their practical knowledge on classic cocktail recipes. By simulating the working conditions in a bar the participants practice their speed and resourcefulness. After successful completion of the first part of the program, participants do an internship with one of the Croatian caterers – either in the facility where they are employed or in one of the partner facilities of Coca-Cola HBC Croatia. The participants went through the teaching of the academy in adapted epidemiological conditions in order to ensure the health and safety of both the students and their lecturers and employees of Coca-Cola HBC Croatia.

The teaching curriculum is the creation of the head of the Raise the Bar Academy Kruno Jozić, who is also the marketing manager of Coca-Cola HBC for strong alcoholic beverages for the Adria business unit and a bartender with many years of experience. This year, the participants had the opportunity to meet and listen to Marko Pećnik, the ambassador of strong alcoholic beverages for Coca-Cola HBC, who with his unique approach additionally contributed to the teaching of the academy. The people who participate in teaching on the academy are Ivan Jug, Croatian sommelier champion and co-owner of Michelin star winning restaurant Noel; Andrej Čapka, director and owner of Zmajska pivovara; Andrea Klemenčić, hotel manager in the gastronomy and restaurant departments; and Tomislav Košutić, Costa Coffee brand ambassador.

In addition to the academy, Coca-Cola HBC Croatia helps raise the quality of Croatian hospitality and tourism through two other project pillars – Raise the Bar scholarships for gastronomic hopes and Raise the Bar centers through which it cooperates with centers of competence in tourism. The final selection of this year’s scholarship holders is underway, who will have the opportunity to hone their culinary and confectionery knowledge at one of the most prestigious universities in the world, such as Le Cordon Bleu.

Applications for the fourth generation of the Raise the Bar Academy will start soon. Katarina, a third-generation student who will do her internship at Noel, tells everyone who qualifies not to hesitate to apply because, in addition to being in a positive and motivating environment, you will get a unique opportunity to educate yourself and meet new people.

More information about the project can be found on the project’s website and on the project’s Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

More information about the project can be found on the project’s website and on the project’s  FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn.